Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New York City Summer Adventure

Finally, after finishing my first year at UVU I decided it was time to quit making excuses & take off for a month to do a summer dance intensive...destination--- New York...Sarah Lawrence College...White Mountain Summer Dance Festival! What an experience! I truly tested myself, tested my love for dance, my inner drive to succeed, my fears, and finding myself among the rubbage of what I've let trap me for too long. So July 5th, 2012 I jumped on my first flight all alone and wouldn't return till the 30th. 

Watching the sunrise from the window of my seat was unbelievable...

  New York-
You Had Me At Good Morning!

It definitely is a whole different view from the window seat. The feeling in my stomach as we flew in was just BUTTERFLiES! I could not believe I actually did it! Overcame my fear of flying and now there I was alone in the City. I guess it can be said simply like this...

I was ready for an adventure to remind me 
Who I Was

White Mountain Summer Dance Festival is by far the best decision I have made this far in my life! It was physically demanding and mentally refreshing
{wake up-breathe-eat-dance-eat-dance-yoga-eat-dance-shower-breathe-sleep}

But honestly I slept half as much as I needed to. These friends I met while there were like my Soul-mates
I never thought I would find such close friends in such a short amount of time! Ya know I believe home is where you have the ones that understand and accept you and I felt like I was home with this group! We inspired each other and pushed eachother to work hard! Lots of laughs and constant fun! 

Some people just make you believe in yourself! and these friends definitely made me believe in myself and my dreams! it's exactly what I needed!

Find What You Love & Let It Kill You
Dance has always been such a huge part of my life but for so long I have let other aspects of my life hold be back from chasing this goal with my whole heart. 

I love the {Shayla} that has grown from the trials in my life. I may be selfish at times-I may be stubborn but I know which path leads to where I want & need to be. I know what makes me happiest & that is where I invest my time & energy. 

God gave me one life to live and plan on living

Utah Valley University 2011-2012

So after I graduated with my Associate of Science from USU-Eastern, I jumped on the ultimate indecisive roller-coaster ride of my life! Now what? Where to go? Should I let those I love help me make the decision? It was a hard decision. I auditioned for the Dance program at Utah Valley University as well as Southern Utah University. I got into both! So originally the plan was to go to SUU, but finances and friends changed my mind. In the fall of 2011 I started pursuing my Undergrad in Dance Education at Utah Valley.

It was quite a year! I lived with two girls I had never met for about a month and then Demetria introduced me to Miss Meagan Pearson who was looking for a roommate. Meagan and I both went to CEU on overlapping years and knew of each other but had never officially met or hung out. It was kind of a rushed decision to find someone to take over my lease and move in with Meags but it ended up being the BEST DECISION ever! She was my life saver! This past year has been one of the hardest I have faced thus far! Walking away from a five-year-relationship with my best friend, Justin, caused me to face a lot of things alone that I had planned on him being there for. But nevertheless, I did!! Meags was the exact friend I needed to find to help me through that time in my life!
We cried together--laughed a lot--danced endlessly--did p90x--ate--cooked--cleaned--sang and most of all she taught me how important forgiveness and happiness are!

It was good to be at UVU so I could watched Isiah play ball and spend time with Nick again.
 These two guys became close friends of mine while I was at CEU and us three at UVU was perfect! Isiah had a great ball career there and Nick is playing his last year this year!

The dance program at UVU is so good! I loved it! The professors are amazing and so willing to help you succeed! Modern Classes were long and hard but so worth it! Jazz was great because I haven't taken a class like that in forever! I was also taking education classes which are not my favorite but needed for my degree.

I did see a lot of growth in me as a dancer physically as well as mentally. I do not regret my decision to go there at all!! I met amazing friends!! We slept a lot in the halls haha! Ate too many krispy kremes! and found ways to make our long school days fun!

and this lovely tree was meags and i's First Christmas Tree! loved it!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So if you know my family you will understand anytime we are together it is literally the best times! We laugh, we yell, we cry, we joke, we grow, we support, WE ARE THE WINDERS <3
I could never ask for a better family! It may not always be easy but it is always worth it to be a part of this family! ... even if we are a little crazy sometimes!
All Because Todd and Brenda Fell In Love!
Alexis & Brad have three adorable children...Tucker, Bryken, and Remingtong
Brianna & Matt have two precious little girls...Kelty and Kennadee
and well Quintan and I are the young ones and we don't mind acting like it 99% of the time!

I got to spend the summer living with Alexis and Brad being their little nanny! It was an adventure that is for sure! Tucker and Bryken are great big brothers to Remington! These kids taught me so much over the time I lived with them! And believe it or not it was SOOOO hard to sleep through a night without them pushing me out of bed or waking me up with their tears once I moved out. Tucker has been my best friend from the first day I held him! No one will ever be able to bend or break our bond! That lil man is such a great big brother even when he does make the little ones cry! He is full of knowledge and questions! He loves to play outside and cuddle up and watch America's Funniest Home Videos with his mom. Bryken is FULL of energy! That boy can destroy anything within seconds! He tries so hard to be a BIG boy like Tucker but cannot resist his blanket and sippy cup + cuddle time! He is an angel with a devil costume sometimes! He is full of giggles and will teach you true endurance! Remington is an angel! just full of smiles and love! It is so great to add a little girl to the Kelly Family mixture...that way Lex isn't soo out-numbered all the time! While living with them I learned how important it is to have close bonds with your nephews and nieces...well your family in general!

I also got to spend some time over at Brianna's in Logan with her lil Thomas Family. It is crazy how close Bri and I became after we both graduated! It is true that you realize how close those sisters ties are when you aren't fighting every day! We may have fought for 18 years but now I can honestly say we are sooo close and I love her sooo much! and it is okay we fought so much because now we value our friendship and do not waste time fighting anymore. When she had Kelty she brought the first baby girl into the family, and I was determined to have her be a dancer by obsessing her with it before she learned to talk or walk. Lucky for me Kelty LOVES to dance! She is just the sweetest little girl and sooo shy but once she opens up she is full of personality and love! She is a great big sister and enjoys helping her mommy. Kennadee is just a mini Brianna! The second that lil angel came into the world she looked just like her mommy! A head full of dark brown hair and these little chubby cheeks that we all love kissing on. 

Family are the only people who you can count on no matter what! They love you...not always because they want to but because they do not know how to not love you! They accept you for you and all your flaws..mainly because they are use to them by now but nevertheless they will be your foundation through everything in life! And I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the family I am a part of!