Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New York City Summer Adventure

Finally, after finishing my first year at UVU I decided it was time to quit making excuses & take off for a month to do a summer dance intensive...destination--- New York...Sarah Lawrence College...White Mountain Summer Dance Festival! What an experience! I truly tested myself, tested my love for dance, my inner drive to succeed, my fears, and finding myself among the rubbage of what I've let trap me for too long. So July 5th, 2012 I jumped on my first flight all alone and wouldn't return till the 30th. 

Watching the sunrise from the window of my seat was unbelievable...

  New York-
You Had Me At Good Morning!

It definitely is a whole different view from the window seat. The feeling in my stomach as we flew in was just BUTTERFLiES! I could not believe I actually did it! Overcame my fear of flying and now there I was alone in the City. I guess it can be said simply like this...

I was ready for an adventure to remind me 
Who I Was

White Mountain Summer Dance Festival is by far the best decision I have made this far in my life! It was physically demanding and mentally refreshing
{wake up-breathe-eat-dance-eat-dance-yoga-eat-dance-shower-breathe-sleep}

But honestly I slept half as much as I needed to. These friends I met while there were like my Soul-mates
I never thought I would find such close friends in such a short amount of time! Ya know I believe home is where you have the ones that understand and accept you and I felt like I was home with this group! We inspired each other and pushed eachother to work hard! Lots of laughs and constant fun! 

Some people just make you believe in yourself! and these friends definitely made me believe in myself and my dreams! it's exactly what I needed!

Find What You Love & Let It Kill You
Dance has always been such a huge part of my life but for so long I have let other aspects of my life hold be back from chasing this goal with my whole heart. 

I love the {Shayla} that has grown from the trials in my life. I may be selfish at times-I may be stubborn but I know which path leads to where I want & need to be. I know what makes me happiest & that is where I invest my time & energy. 

God gave me one life to live and plan on living

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